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Me looking all proud and happy! Photo credits go to momma bear (Sue)

There’s a lot to be said about a person that is gifted with the talent of writing and to be given a chance to do something huge with that gift.  J.L. Baldwin is a friend, an introverted comedian (yes, I am aware it sounds like an oxymoron), a family-centered person, and a very talented writer, just to name a few things. She comes from a very small, conservative town in Virginia and is a debuting author that all of you are seeing a glimpse of for the very first time.

Jessica is not your typical writer. She got her start in the writing world through online role play. Luckily, enough people loved the characters she portrayed which encouraged her to take it a step further and write a book. At first, she was terrified to allow people to read her work because of the conservative views that she was raised with and feared that others would not approve. With the help of her close friends, she came out of her shell and took a chance and she made the incredible leap of faith. Please, take the same leap but as a reader; open your mind and let your imagination get the best of you. I hope you enjoy reading her first book has much as she has enjoyed writing it.

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