Dear Dixie is 1 year old today!!! :)

That’s right, it’s been one year since I published Dear Dixie!!!

I’m so in love with this story, and what it’s about. I’ve been told the story made readers cry, so as an author, that always gives me a satisfying feeling. 3:)

I know, I’m evil. It’s in my blood, what can I say? 😉

Check it out below!

Dear Dixie

After the sudden death of her parents, Dixie believed the worst was behind her and she could move on from her life. She was wrong. When two military men arrive to inform her brother Charlie and been killed in action, her world crashes around her. He had not only been her brother, but he had been her best friend, confidant, and sidekick. Their bond was unbreakable…except in death. A chasm in her heart was opened and she doesn’t think anything can fill it.
To help mend her broken heart, her therapist suggests Dixie volunteer to write letters to wounded veterans. She isn’t sure what to expect, but when she receives a random reply, things begin to change.
When Charlie’s best friend and wounded vet, Zane Carson, agreed to participate in a new program, he doesn’t think much of it, believing it best to keep his expectations low. Unbeknownst to him, he receives a letter from his best friend’s little sister…the sister he has always secretly longed for. Zane hid his feelings for Dixie, afraid of what Charlie would do or say if he found out.
A simple letter was the power to open the door to a million new opportunities. But will Zane let those opportunities to pass him by, or will be grab hold with both hands?
One written letter.
Two broken souls.
An adventure neither were prepared for.
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