All About The Indies Recap 2.18.17

aai 3

I truly believe I need to keep up with posting on this site now, since I have removed the from the back of my web address, I am feeling pretty good right now!

Anywho, I recently attended my first signing of the year (and I have many more to come!) and it was so much fun! I got to see some familiar faces, and got to meet some new ones as well. Words can’t describe how much I love being in this world. I used to think it would never happen, and I would forever be wondering what in the world I would do with this dream that I had. Knowing what I know how, I so wish I would have put one foot in front of the other years ago, and make it happen a lot sooner than it did. But looking back now, I believe it had to happen this way. I’m one of those who believe everything happens for a reason.

Crap, I got off topic. I tend to ramble…a lot. LOL!

aai 2
Me looking all proud and happy! Photo credits go to momma bear (Sue)

Yes, that is moi looking all happy in this new life. This is rare, because normally I HATE having my picture taken. I’m super camera shy and tend to avoid it…unless they’re selfies, then I’m all up in that shit. Haha!

aai 1

That morning, was a huge milestone for me. An anthology I had participated in made AMAZON BESTSELLER! I’m wondering if I can put BESTSELLING AUTHOR behind my name now? Hmmmm….but, anyways. That was seriously a turning point for me. Building this life, this career is something I’ve always wanted, and it’s something that I will continue to build because it’s what I want.

Dreams remain dreams until they become reality. Once they become reality, everything else is simply irrelevant. – Me


J.L. Baldwin


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