Signings Update

Hey guys!

So, as a lot of you may know already, I am scheduled to be at a few signings this year. In just a couple weeks, I’ll be in Arlington, VA for All About the Indies Signing. That one is going to be lots of fun and I can’t wait! In March, I’m going to be attending Angels and Sirens. (As a reader!) I won’t be signing at that one, but I hope to see some familiar faces there nonetheless!

In April, I’m going to be in Roanoke, VA for the Roanoke Author Invasion. I’m super excited for that one too. I think we can just agree that I’m excited for every signing I attend. 😉 I love interacting with readers, and talking books with everyone. Books, books, books. It’s all about the books!

In May, there is a small possibility of an event, but that’s still up in the air. We are talking about trying to plan something out. More details to come on that one.

July, I will be in Baltimore, MD for the Sexy and Sassy Signing. I was an author for the 2016 one and I had an absolute BLAST! That was my first HUGE signing, and it was so much adrenaline, and excitement, and I can’t wait until this years.

As of right now, those are all the signings I’m going to be attending. There is a tiny possibility of me going to Shameless Book Con in Orlando, Florida, but that’s still up in the air. More details to come on that one.

Take care everyone,



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